Suit: Southwick, bought online, $30

Shirt: Budd Piccadilly, gift, $0

Tie: Austin Reed, thrifted, $1.50

Cufflinks: Vintage, Ebay, $10

Socks: Target, $2.50

Shoes: Vintage Nettletons, Ebay, $100

Tailoring: $0

Total: $144

If I’d bought everything at retail prices: Probably over $1700

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3 Responses to Flannel Suit and Wooly Tie

  1. Flix says:

    First of all: I am really impressed! Really nice outfits for really nice money. And a great blog on top of it. 🙂

    But how is it possible to buy a suit for less than $100? I mean even second hand and online it’s impossible to find a good suit for less than $100, right? For me it is …
    $30 is just awesome. If possible, I’d be glad to know where you buy those suits. 🙂


    • jccavanaugh says:


      Thanks for your kind words. I can find used suits all day long for under $100. The thrift stores I visit (also known as charity shops or op shops in some places) usually charge under $20 for a suit. Consignment stores are slightly more, usually in the $20-70 range, depending on the suit and the store. And on Ebay, you can still find great deals if you know what to look for and remain patient. You’re not going to find a new-with-tags Oxxford or Brioni for these prices, but you may well find a nice Southwick or Brooks Brothers that will serve you just fine for under $50.


  2. Flix says:

    Thank you, Jeff! I bought most of my ties at charity shops for 1 EUR each. Sadly I never found a suit in my size. But I’ll keep my eyes open. Some time I’ll find one. 🙂
    I recently bought a Ralph Lauren suit on eBay. Don’t know if it fits right, didn’t get it yet. Did cost about 150 EUR. That was a great deal compared with my other suits.

    I will see what I am able to find around me in charity shops and the internet. Maybe I’ll find some stuff on the SF website.


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