Dealing with a point-and-shoot camera’s autofocus can be tricky when you’re using the self-timer.  To compensate, I normally use manual focus and set the aperture all the way down at f8, to gain more depth of field and more forgiveness with focusing.  Today, I was in a hurry and forgot the aperture adjustment.  Which is all to say, my first photo is blurry.  But you can see that for yourself.

Suit: Kingsridge, thrifted, $30

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, store 60% discount, $32

Tie: American Living, store clearance, $5

Pocket square: TJ Maxx handkerchief, $3

Cufflinks: Ebay, $20

Shoes: Vintage Nettletons, Ebay, $100

Tailoring cost: $20

Total: $210

If I’d bought everything new: At least $1700.

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  1. john says:

    You have a lovely and refined sense of style. Thank You.

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