Thrift stores are a great resource for (often surprisingly) recent clothing that’s hardly been worn, yielding current looks for a fraction of the price you’d pay at retail.

But they can also be a resource for vintage clothing that has classic, timeless style that many people prize highly today.  The ’30s and ’40s are often referred to as the golden age of men’s fashion, and the clothing from that era that still exists can command a high price from vintage aficionados.

I found this 1940s jacket in a local thrift store for about $5, and ended up reselling it for over $100.  Had there been matching trousers with it, that price could have been doubled or tripled.

The biggest indicator of the jacket’s age is the quarter or “skeleton” lining and taped seams inside the jacket.  Other big clues include the union label inside the pocket, the color and feel of the fabric, the shape of the lapels, and the placement of the buttons.

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