Suit: Southwick, bought online, $30

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Ebay, $19

Tie: Rivetz of Boston, thrifted, $1.50

Shoes: Nettleton, Ebay, $100

Tailoring: $0

Total: $150.50

If I’d bought everything at retail price: Over $1700.

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2 Responses to The Club Collar Shirt

  1. Corey says:

    Are those Nettleton’s made of shell cordovan leather? They look great!
    Too bad Nettleton went out of business. Great shoes and from a great American company.

    I came across a mint condition pair of Nettleton Longwings back in early August at my favorite thrift spot for a scant $9.56…and was able to get a second pair of longwings (Towncraft) for $9.56 as well. I guess sometimes lightning does strike twice! But you hit the jackpot with those tassels!!! Kudos to you!

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