For thrifty gents interested in watches, a good resource is the Poor Man’s Watch Forum,  You can find all kinds of discussion there of great quality watches, many under $100, and a few substantially cheaper than that.  The Darch I’m wearing today might be considered an Ultra Poor Man’s Watch, at $10 from Ebay, plus another $4 for the ribbon strap from American Eagle.  It looks as good as watches that cost ten times as much or more.

Suit: Oxxford, Consignment store, $60

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, store sale, $40

Tie: Brooks Brothers, discount store, $10

Shoes: Alfred Sargent for Brooks Brothers, clearance, $160

Watch: Ebay, $10 + $4 for the American Eagle watchband

Total: $284

If I’d paid retail prices: Over $4000

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2 Responses to Thrifty Timepieces

  1. James E. says:

    Fan of the blog and admin over at – thanks for the mention!

  2. terrt turner says:

    Just found your website… Excellent!
    You not only can find a bargain, but you have the ability to mix and match fabrics and colors to really pull off a classy look!
    I’m a fan..
    Terry.. Washington D.C.

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