Even if the initial outlay is relatively small, good clothing is still an investment worth protecting.  You don’t want to have to re-donate that great thrifted suit because you let the moths get to it.  And there are a number of good options for caring for your clothes on a budget.


Hangers: Your suits and sportcoats need to be on proper hangers that are curved forward to mimic your shoulders’ curve, and that have wide, flared ends to support the shoulders and maintain their shape.  Luxe hangers can run as much as $25 each (from Hanger Project), but you can get perfectly serviceable ones for as little as $3 each from usahanger.com.


















Garment bags: When you store your clothes for the off-season, they need to be protected from moths, or you’ll come back to them in six months and find them full of holes. Again, you can spend as much as $55 each on garment bags, but for us thrifty people, these $6 bags (with free shipping for orders over $50) are great. Canvas on one side lets the clothes breathe, which is important, and clear plastic on the other lets you see what’s inside.












Brushes: Suits, sportcoats, and trousers that are only occasionally dry cleaned should be brushed after each wearing to get rid of dust and dirt that can break down the fabric prematurely.  The best brushes in the world are made by Kent Brushes in the UK, and you can get one from their eBay store for around $20 depending on the exchange rate.  They normally run at least twice that from other stores.





Trouser Press: In between pressings at the cleaner or tailor, a trouser press can help you keep a crease in your trousers.  New models from Corby can run $200-300 or more, but I got mine (made by Bexley) on Ebay for around $40 plus shipping.

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  1. Steven P Wallace says:

    I can not seem to find any mentions of a Bexley Trouser or Pants press on the web (ebay or otherwise).

    Would you point me in the right direction?

    Also love the hangers but the shipping charges are a bit much. I was quoted $12.00 on 6. Ouch!!


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