Suit: Southwick, thrifted, $8
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5
Tie: J. Press, thrifted, $5
Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Ebay, $40

Total: $58
If I’d paid retail prices: $1200 or more


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3 Responses to The Tartan Tie

  1. 90Shilling says:

    You are slaying it with the tie and suit – really sharp combo. The Park Avenues bring it all together. I love the site – your amazing finds give me renewed motivation to keep hitting up my local thrift stores. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Corey says:

    The suit is “top shelf”! I really like the color…I can’t tell if it is a charcoal gray or a somewhat heather-like navy color.
    The tie is the piece that makes it all interesting! That tie would look really nice with the tweed jacket I just picked up last night at my favorite thrift store!
    So, you have inspired me to find a great tartan plaid tie to go with my vintage tweed jacket.
    This site is great and very informative! Please continue to post great things.

  3. Dovid says:

    The combination is good, plus the tie fits the season.

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