The combination of a navy blazer and gray trousers is often derided as security guard attire, as it is a standard uniform for guards in downtown office buildings. ┬áBut paired with the right accessories – and, more importantly, tailored to fit well – it’s still a classy look.

Blazer: Schupp & Snyder, thrifted, $20

Pants: Custom, gift, $0

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5

Tie: American Living, clearance, $3

Pocket Square: Brooks Brothers, $10

Shoes: Alden, Ebay, $40

Total: $68

If I’d paid retail prices: Over $1600

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4 Responses to The “Security Guard” Look

  1. A says:

    Jacket looks a little short

    • Jeff says:

      A, the upshot of thrifting is that frequently you have to settle for things that are just “close enough.” If I were paying for a new jacket, whether ready-to-wear or custom, I’d expect it to fit better, including a little more length. But as it is, this jacket falls within the range I’ve determined is acceptable for me, and that’s good enough for the price I paid.

      Thanks for your comments, though!

  2. Thrift-GQer says:

    I happen to think you look good man. I like how you mix and match both new and lightly used clothing. “Your the man” I think the jacket fits you just right.


  3. Scandihooligan says:


    Seeing where the bottom of the coat and your thumb joint align, I don’t really think you could go much longer in the jacket. I think your fit looks great and current with today’s tastes! Just looking at some of you older posts and this one in particular as I just acquired a 90’s era navy blazer by Polo by Ralph Lauren. I actually tried a new one on in Vegas this summer and fell in love with the hand of the fabric. This “vintage” jacket has a similar hand to the fabric so I am quite fond of it but, if I were buying new, I would prefer a little higher button stance. Funny, cause it only comes down to about an 1″ – 1.5″ difference. Designers and styles don’t come much more traditional than Polo by Ralph Lauren, but obviously looks shift slightly from decade to decade. Do you think people will look at my fit and say, “hey he’s wearing a 20 year old blazer”? I don’t get that vibe on any of your fits. Any advice other than what you previously stated about acquiring vintage/thrift/secondhand items?

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