Thrifting never gets old – the rush when you find something good is amazing. Here’s one from a few weeks ago – that’s a $4000+ made-to-measure suit!


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3 Responses to That sweet, sweet rush

  1. clarence says:

    I love thifting! I’ve been thrifting in about 20 states, but the best is where I live in Ohio. I’ve found like new Allen Edmonds for $.99 and RLPL shirts for $.09. However, I never seem to have as much luck as you do with suits. Where do you thrift?

  2. Fueco says:

    I know that feeling well! And it’s good to see you blogging again…

  3. Roger says:

    It’s not really made-to-measure, it has a visible sizing: 54R. It’s a great find since Zegna suits are priced so high, but the price says nothing about cut and fit.

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