I’ve spoken many times before about the importance of texture in clothing, especially in ties.  Texture is most often found in wool, cashmere, cotton, and linen ties, but silk can be woven in ways that give it texture too, and in my opinion they’re preferable over smooth, satiny silk ties.






















































Suit: Southwick, thrifted, $8
Shirt: Brioni, consignment store, $20
Tie: Brooks Brothers, outlet, $12
Belt: Cole Haan, thrifted, $2
Shoes: Allen Edmonds Brantley, Ebay, $40

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One Response to Texture

  1. Marco says:

    I think this ensemble is a cut above most of your other worthy offerings. If you subscribe to Flusser doctrine, your complexion is enhanced with the color choices. Your tie and hair work together to frame and draw focus on the most important part of your suit. Normally I would have thought that the white shirt drains your complexion but I’m not sure if the typical light blue would be an improvement in this case. It would be interesting to see the difference. Well done as usual sir.


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