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Posted on by Jeff

I’ve mentioned it before, but texture can be even more useful than pattern in putting together a coherent outfit.  This brown knit tie, for example, provides a solid counterpoint to … Continue reading

Bow Ties and Suits

Posted on by Jeff

The most common comment I get when wearing a bow tie is “Wow, you really pull that off well, but I never could.”  What those men don’t realize is that … Continue reading

Surprising Socks

Posted on by Jeff

Suit: Samuelsohn, thrifted, $20 Shirt: Robert Talbott, thrifted, $5 Tie: Brooks Brothers, outlet sale, $25 Socks: Daniel Cremieux for Dillards, clearance, $5 Shoes: Vintage Alan McAfee, Ebay, $40 Total: $95 … Continue reading

The Most Versatile Tie Ever

Posted on by Jeff

Suit: Samuelsohn, thrifted, $20 Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5 Tie: Brooks Brothers, store discount, $25 Socks: Daniel Cremieux, clearance, $4.50 Shoes: Brooks Brothers, clearance, $180 Total: $234.50 If I’d bought … Continue reading

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