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Gun Club checked jacket

Posted on by Jeff

   Jacket: Daks, vintage store, $20 Trousers: Brooks Brothers, outlet clearance, $10 Shirt: Brooks Brothers, bought secondhand online, $40 Tie: Drakes, online clearance, $55 Shoes: Alden, consignment store, $60 Total: … Continue reading

Bright Colors, Dim Day

Posted on by Jeff

Nothing like a brightly colored jacket to brighten up a dull, dreary, rainy day.  As we’ve discussed before, when you have one especially bold item in your outfit, tone down … Continue reading

Loud Sportcoat Friday

Posted on by Jeff

Sportcoat: Daks, vintage store, $25 Shirt: Land’s End, gift, $0 Tie: BG&C, store clearance sale, $10 Pants: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5 Shoes: Florsheim, thrifted, $8 Tailoring: $0 (Didn’t need any) … Continue reading

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