“In my top hat, and my white tie, and my tails…”

The Thrifty Mrs. and I were invited to a ’20s-themed birthday party last night, so we donned our best vintage duds and stepped out in style.  I put together this white-tie outfit enough years ago that I have no memory of what I paid, but aside from the tie and the shirt collar (which is a stiff, starched detachable one, as it should be), everything came from local vintage stores and Ebay.

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4 Responses to Steppin’ Out…

  1. Ibrahim says:

    How rare it is to see that kind of nice outfits nowadays..

  2. Mike says:

    Pretty cool. What does one have to get to do to be invited to a 20s theme party? I’ve only been invited to 80s and 90s themes.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I enjoy viewing your thrift fits…

  3. ElleX says:

    Lovely outfits.

    Found your blog via Thriftstorerunway.com – Congrats on your win!

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