I like to experiment every now and then, and wearing a bow tie with a sporcoat and jeans is today’s experiment.  I chose one of my shortest, trimmest jackets to go with the jeans, and a diamond-ended bow tie.  I’m not convinced this works all together.  My wife had her doubts this morning when I got dressed, and I should have listened to her.  Specifically, I think the bow tie is too small for my face and frame, making me look like a portly Pee Wee Herman.  Ah, well–live and learn.


Jacket: Vintage store-label brand, thrifted, $8

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, store 40% off sale, $35

Bow tie: Brooks Brothers, store 50% off sale, $20

Jeans: Nautica, store clearance sale, $25

Boots: Land’s End, made by Alfred Sargent, bought secondhand online, $40

Tailoring cost: $15

Total: $143

If I’d bought everything at retail price: Over $1000

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3 Responses to Bow Tie and Jeans

  1. Ferdinand says:

    It’s worth having a go at something different or considered a “no-no”, even if just to confirm to yourself the reasons it’s usually avoided.

    It’s still hard to pull off the tie-with-jeans look when you get past 21; at that age it can be classed as cool, youthful experimentation.

    It may have worked better without turn-ups on your jeans.

  2. Richard says:

    A bigger bow tie, like you said, I think it would look great.

  3. Dovid says:

    I would try the jeans without cuffs.

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