After a week of being out sick and working from home, I finally felt well enough last week to get suited and booted and get back in the office.  Only to be treated to a custom, bespoke coffee stain on my shirt, courtesy of the giant new pothole on my morning commute.



Suit: Samuelsohn, thrifted, $20
Shirt: Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece, outlet, $45
Tie: Austin Reed, thrifted, $2
Pocket Square: Faconnable, thrifted, $3
Boots: Allen Edmonds,  Ebay, $40
Tailoring: $80

Total: $190
At retail prices: $1700 or more

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2 Responses to Sigh.

  1. Tim says:

    Can you tell me about the style history of cuffed pants? I don’t see many men in suits but when I do, they don’t have their pants cuffed.

  2. Dovid says:

    The rule of thumb is that if you are long-legged, cuffs on dress pants will look better, while if you are not as tall, you may want to avoid them. Also, if the pants have pleats, it looks better to have cuffs.

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