One term I’ve used in connection with the classic American style of dress I prefer, but haven’t defined, is sack.  A sack suit or sportcoat is one where the jacket does not have darts, the vertical seams in the midsection that help make the waist narrower.  It’s a classic style, popularized by Brooks Brothers early in the 20th century, and it’s usually seen with a 3-button arrangement where the top button rolls over and isn’t meant to button.  As you can see, a sack can actually be tailored fairly closely, so it doesn’t have to fit like a literal sack.


Jacket: J Press, thrifted, $15
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5
Sweater: Brooks Brothers, clearance, $45
Pants: Brooks Brothers, outlet sale, $15
Shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren, Ebay, $40
Tailoring: $10

Total: $130
If I’d paid retail prices: At least $1800

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2 Responses to Sack

  1. Hans says:

    Most European ‘sportcoats’ have darts. And since sporting casual jackets and suits already existed in UK/Europe I don’t see that they can be bracketed as ‘classic American-style dress’.

    • Jeff says:

      Hans, I think you’ve missed my point. I’m ascribing a particular kind of jacket to the classic American style of dressing – the sack, which is WITHOUT darts.

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