The iconic necktie pattern in classic American clothing – what some refer to as “Trad,” as in traditional – is the repp stripe.  Repp refers to the ribs that are woven into the silk fabric of the tie, and the stripes come in any number of color and size combinations.  In the UK, particular patterns often signify membership in a club or military regiment, but here in the US we just wear them if we like the look. They’re a classic, conservative staple that, unlike many other ties you’ll find in thrift stores, are always a safe purchase.

Blazer: Schupp & Snyder, thrifted, $20

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5

Tie: Jos. A. Bank, gift, $0

Pants: Custom, gift, $0

Shoes: Nettleton, Ebay, $100

Total: $125

If I’d paid retail prices: $1200 or more.

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  1. James says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I’ve been paying more attention to style lately and all the abbrs. being thrown around SF (where I first came across your site) can get overwhelming. Have a good one. -J

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