Most of Europe and many of their former colonies observe November 11th, the anniversary of World War I’s end, as a day to remember war dead.  It’s common to wear a poppy to mark the occasion.  In the US, we honor living veterans on November 11th, and Memorial Day in May is when we remember war dead.  I frequently wear a poppy on both holidays.


Jacket: Logan’s of Midway (local store label), thrifted, $5
Shirt: Land’s End, thrifted, $3
Trousers: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5
Shoes: Alden, consignment store, $60

Total: $73
If I’d paid retail prices: Well over $1000.

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  1. Corey Young says:

    Are those Alden shell cordovan loafers? I see no creases in the leather…just a “rolling” of the leather (characteristic of cordovan).

    For $60, what a great find! I just recently picked up some Alden tassel loafers at Goodwill for slightly less than $7 (tax included). They looked like crap until I polished them. I will be re-soling them in a few weeks.

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