Amazing Vintage


Most of the stuff I buy, for myself or to sell on Ebay, is modern clothing, made in the last couple of decades.  But occasionally I come across an amazing … Continue reading

Reweaving Info


I mentioned in my last post that I’d spent some money on having a couple of holes in my new suit repaired by a reweaver.  I got some questions about … Continue reading



New office “Smart Casual” dress code?  Pfft.  Forget about it.  I want to wear my new suit. Suit: Ralph Lauren Purple Label, consignment store, $28 Shirt: Luciano Barbera, trade, $0 … Continue reading

Shopping the Thrifty Gent, Part 2


I have another round of great items up on Ebay this week, including Brooks Brothers tuxedo shoes, sportcoats by Zanella and Polo Ralph Lauren, an awesome H. Freeman custom suit, … Continue reading

Do the Unexpected


Camel hair jacket, blue shirt, foulard tie, cordovan penny loafers.  Pair them with gray or brown flannel pants, and it’s an attractive and fairly ordinary combination.  But swap the trousers … Continue reading



After a week of being out sick and working from home, I finally felt well enough last week to get suited and booted and get back in the office.  Only … Continue reading



My office, which is a corporate headquarters and was until recently one of the last business-professional-dress (e.g., suits and ties) holdouts in town, has decided to change the dress code to … Continue reading

Happy Accidents


Most of the time when you buy something that’s been tailored for someone else’s body, you end up spending money to make it fit right, and if you don’t, you … Continue reading

Shopping the Thrifty Gent


Thrifty gents who read this blog may be interested in some of the items I have for sale on Ebay. There are a number of things around a size 42 … Continue reading



In a happy accident, I stumbled across this suit in a consignment shop a couple of weeks ago on a walk to the hardware store for something I needed for … Continue reading

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