I’ve been playing around with new locations to take photos for the blog, and while this shady alley gets me out of direct sunlight, my phone’s limitations are resulting in over-exposed and washed out pictures.  I guess I’ll have to keep experimenting.


Suit: Southwick, thrifted, $8
Shirt: Robert Talbott, thrifted, $5
Tie: thetiebar.com, $15
Pocket square: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $2
Florsheim cordovan shoes: Ebay, $40

Total: $70
At retail prices: $1900 or

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4 Responses to Overexposed

  1. Emily O. says:

    Have you heard of the VSCOcam app for iPhone? I’ve not used it, but many photographer friends rave about it. Might help improve your phone photos?

    • Jeff says:

      I haven’t tried that, I’ll have to check it out. Ideally I need an app with a self-timer and manual control of the exposure.

  2. Mark Franco says:

    curious to see if that is one of the grenafaux ties from tiebar – hard to tell from the pic. I have been contemplating a purchase…


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