“Nice titfer” my British friend said to me as I took off my hat while stepping into the church building one summer Sunday.
Excuse me?” I said, wondering if I should be shocked.
He explained it’s Cockney slang for one’s hat, based on a rhyme. “Tit for tat” rhymes with hat, and over time it became shortened to “titfer.”

Anyway, a nice titfer – hat – is a great addition to any wardrobe.  This one is made of a kind of straw called Milan (pronounced MY-lan) that’s light and cool but comes in all sorts of colors that can be a bit more subdued than a light-colored Panama hat.


Dobbs Rosebud hat, bought on sale, $60
H. Freeman suit, thrifted, $16
Brooks Brothers shirt, bought online, $40
American Living tie, clearance, $5
Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers shoes, clearance, $200

Total: $321
At retail prices: $1800 or more

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3 Responses to Nice Titfer

  1. Corey says:

    That whole ensemble is awesome! And the hat makes the suit even better! Hey, I’ll race you for that hat…

  2. Michael says:

    A first time poster and visitor on your site, and definitely a follower.
    You have a great style, and translate that old english style superbly on yourself. You know what fits and suits you.

    Keep it up, and thanks for entering the world wide web with your wisdom.



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