The classic and most common way to wear an odd jacket is to wear a relatively dark one with lighter-colored trousers for contrast.  That goes back to the invention of the blazer which I mentioned in my last post.  But reversing it and wearing a lighter sportcoat with darker trousers can be a good combination too.  Just be careful about low-contrast jacket/trouser pairings.  Those can be difficult to pull off well.


Jacket: Brooks Brothers, consignment store, $40
Trousers: Polo Ralph Lauren, Ebay, $25
Shirt: Land’s End, gift, $0
Tie: Local men’s store brand, gift, $0
Shoes: Alfred Sargent for Brooks Brothers, clearance, $180
Tailoring (sleeves and hems): $40
Total: $305
If I’d paid retail prices: Easily $1400

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3 Responses to Mixing It Up

  1. MattR says:

    Really glad to see you posting again. I kept it on my Reader, just in case. And these are particularly good colors for summer.

  2. Logan says:

    I love the shell cordovan shoes

  3. Dovid says:

    A dark jacket with lighter pants seems easier to pull off than a light-colored jacket with dark pants.

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