Jacket: No-name military-style jacket, thrifted, $5

Shirt: Land’s End, thrifted, $5

Khakis: Brooks Brothers, bought secondhand online, $20

Shoes: Alden for Brooks Brothers, store sale, $450

Total: $480

If I’d paid retail prices: Over $1000

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2 Responses to Military Jacket Casual

  1. Axel Jones says:

    Great look. The surplus military jacket is a great casual jacket, I own one myself. It has a removable liner which makes it great for moderate to cold weather. Some of the older vintage jackets are 100% cotton, which aren’t very water resistant so consider a waterproofing treatment if it’s to be worn in the rain.

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks, Axel. Mine isn’t really surplus. It’s a repro or military-inspired piece made for general retail, and it is 100% cotton. I’d love to find a real military one eventually.

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