Ever seen a guy who’s just a little too well coordinated?  The kind of guy whose shirt color matches his socks, and his cufflinks, and the stripe in his suit?  While it can be initially impressive, that level of matching can backfire easily when it makes you look like you’re trying a little too hard.  Men who dress really well wear items that coordinate well with each other without matching exactly.

That’s not to say you can’t ever wear items that have the same colors in them.  But today’s example, with all the same colors in the tie and pocket square, is about as far as I’m comfortable going down the route of matching.


Blazer: Private-label from a local men’s shop, thrifted, $10
Trousers: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $12
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5
Tie: thetiebar.com, gift, $0
Pocket Square: Stein Mart, sale, $10
Shoes: Allen Edmonds Brantley boots, Ebay, $40

Total: $77
At retail prices: $1100 or more

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