A piece of clothing  is called “odd” when it doesn’t match the others (i.e., not the same fabric), not because it is weird or strange.  Today I’m wearing an odd vest (and, for that matter, an odd jacket and odd trousers.

Blazer: Schupp & Snyder, thrifted, $20

Vest: Brooks Brothers, Ebay, $15

Pants: Custom, gift, $0

Shirt: Robert Talbott, thrifted, $5

Tie: Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted, $1.50

Shoes: Alden for Brooks Brothers, bought at an unthrifty 25% off, $450.  I saved for these for a long, long time.  Some things just never come through thrifting.

Total: $491.50

If I’d paid retail prices: Probably over $1500.

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  1. john says:

    This truly is a lovely ensemble. Thank You for sharing with us.

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