Last week I posted (Swing and a Miss) an outfit with this green Attolini sportcoat and gray flannel trousers, saying I thought it wasn’t a very successful combination because there wasn’t enough contrast between the jacket and the trousers.  I decided to give it another try today, this time with tan covert twill trousers.  I like this version much better.


Jacket: Attolini, thrifted, $5
Pants: Brooks Brothers, outlet, $15
Shirt: Robert Talbott, thrifted, $3
Tie: Robert Talbott, thrifted, $2
Shoes: Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers, $180

Total: $225
At retail prices: Easily $3500 or more.

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3 Responses to Let’s Try This Again

  1. Jason K says:

    man where do you thrift!

  2. Corey says:

    I want that jacket!

  3. Jan says:

    The jacket is simply awesome. I thrifted an Attolini Sportcoat myself (but unfortunately not for 5 $ but for 250$; still great deal though) and have to say this is probably the nicest Sportcoat I have had up to today.

    Think about wearing shirt AND jacket sleeves a tad longer!

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