It’s nice to be noticed, and my friend Lauren has kindly taken notice and featured me last week on her new blog, South by Style.  I don’t pretend to have great style, but dressing like a grownup is indeed a pretty good description of my tastes.


Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5
Pants: Brooks Brothers, store sale, $50
Tie: Neiman Marcus, gift, $0
Socks: Target, $2.50
Shoes: Brooks Brothers, store sale, $400

Total: $457.50
If I’d paid retail prices: $900 or more

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2 Responses to It’s nice to be noticed

  1. Emily O. says:

    You look so handsome! And skinny 😉

  2. corey says:

    You have the right formula: conserve on items that are easily attainable (shirts, pants, etc.) because they are relatively cheaper to purchase (thrift stores, consignment stores, sale, etc.) and splurge on items that last longer and can define and enhance a look (shoes, for example). Those shoes are great! and I can tell that they are shell cordovan leather! Well done!…they will last you a lifetime. I really like the two-tone affect of the strap across the vamp of the shoe with the rest of the shoe.

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