I was especially excited to run across this jacket (for $5!) at Goodwill yesterday.  It’s a heavy tweed number from Ralph Lauren’s earliest Polo collections, probably from the ’70s. But the styling, with the patch pockets and belted, pleated, bi-swing back, is pure 1930s.  When sport coats were actually worn for sporting pursuits, many jackets were made with backs like this to give extra freedom of movement while swinging your golf club or raising a shotgun to your shoulder.  This one is just a replica, but it’s a very good one.


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4 Responses to (Imitation) Vintage

  1. Fredrik says:

    Absolutely stunning this piece of jacket. Where might one be able to find jackets like this nowadays?

    • Jeff says:

      Frederik, I honestly don’t know aside from having one custom-made. Ralph Lauren continues to offer them from time to time, and Brooks Brothers will do one with a fancy back once in a blue moon. But I don’t know of any RTW maker offering them consistently.

  2. Corey says:

    I recently purchased a vintage Pendleton wool tweed jacket off of e-bay similar to yours. It has a back similar to yours but has leather patch elbows to lend a bit of ruggedness. Truth be told, I like mine a lot but I love yours! I could wear a jacket like that everyday!

  3. Dovid says:

    Orvis makes a tweed hunting jacket with a bi-swing back called the Dornoch.

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