Most of the time when you buy something that’s been tailored for someone else’s body, you end up spending money to make it fit right, and if you don’t, you should.  I’ve spent $150 or more on tailoring suits I got for less than $10.  But sometimes, you get lucky and pull a tailored garment off the thrift-store rack and it fits perfectly.  This suit was one such happy accident.


Suit: Hickey Freeman Collection, thrifted, $15
Shirt: Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece, outlet, $45
Tie: “grenafaux,” $15
Shoes: Johnston & Murphy Aristocraft, thrifted, $15

Total: $90
At retail prices: $1500 or more

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4 Responses to Happy Accidents

  1. Zachary W says:

    This is the first post I’ve seen with the glasses. You should feature them more often. Very Sharp!

  2. Qwon says:

    Speaking of alterations, is there any type of signs on used clothes to watch out for certain alterations? When I brought the H. Freeman suit that I thrifted to my tailor, she found that the suit had been already altered significantly once she opened it and told me the alteration to fit me won’t be as good as altering the new clothes. I went with it nonetheless but the outcome was not as good as I hoped.

  3. Emily O. says:

    Very nice! Sharp suit.

  4. maven says:

    I really like this suit and how you have put it together with the other pieces. Great job!

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