Big, heavy wingtip shoes with double or triple soles are often referred to informally as “gunboats,” for obvious reasons. ¬†They’re good for nasty weather, and here in Louisville we’ve had plenty of that lately.

Suit: Jos. A. Bank, thrifted, $15

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, store discount, $25

Tie: Brooks Brothers, store discount, $25

Shoes: BA Mason Executive Imperials, thrifted, $15

Total: $80

If I’d paid retail prices: At least $1000

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  1. Greg says:

    How do you find the JAB suits in the armholes? I know they’re derided often on the AAAC board as having low armholes, but how do you feel they fit?

    • Jeff says:

      This is an older JAB suit (early to mid ’90s at least), and the armholes are fine. Not super high, but not terribly low either.

      I had a modern JAB seersucker suit for a while, and I did find the armholes uncomfortably large and low.

  2. What great work you’ve done here!

    That JAB was the last gasp of the almost decently made stuff. Nice fabric.

    I’m linking from E&EL. You’ve got a lot to teach.

  3. Eric V says:

    This is a great blog Jeff! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on how to look smart on a budget. I’m really interested in building a decent and lasting wardrobe but, as a a student, don’t have the funds for acquiring e.g. multiple pairs of quality shoes at RRP.

  4. Wayne says:

    I love what you’ve done here, I’ve been a thrifter for many years…and wonder why people (especially men) pay top dollar for clothes! With EBay and thrift stores there is just no reason to…pair it with a nice pocket square and it all good.
    Never heard ’em called “GunBoats” before…great term I realize I have few pair in my closet…thank goodness I now know what to call them!

  5. Daniel says:

    It’s simply amazing how you pulled the whole outfit off within $80, any one of those items could have easily exceeded that.
    May I ask how those Mason gunboats fit? I’m considering getting some of those myself. Thanks= )

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