If you’re a thrifty gent and wear around a 44-46 Regular jacket size, you should check out the very nice items from Oxxford and Zegna I currently have for sale on Ebay.  They may not be at thrift-store prices, but they’re still pennies on the dollar from retail.  I am open to offers on any of them, and I will offer a discount to my blog readers.


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2 Responses to For Sale

  1. Justin says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Another Kentuckian here, love the blog. I’ll be in Louisville Wednesday for an interview. I’ll be done early afternoon and was wondering what thrift stores I should hit up? Thanks for the advice!

    • Jeff says:


      I haven’t found any of the stores here in Louisville to be more consistent than the others. Your best bet is to just look up the thrift stores in the phone book (or the ThriftBuddy app if you have a smartphone) and try to hit a few. All the usual suspects – Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Unique, etc.

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