Fall is coming quickly, and (slightly) cooler temperatures this week have me all anticipation for tweeds, flannels, suede, and the other wonderful textures of fall clothing. I often jump the gun with cooler-weather clothing and end up suffering in late summer/early fall’s continued heat.  I’m trying to hold off on that this year, but I couldn’t resist a nod to autumnal style with a brown tie and suede shoes yesterday.


Suit: Samuelsohn, thrifted, $20
Shirt: Luciano Barbera, bought secondhand online, $22
Tie: Brooks Brothers, outlet, $13
Shoes: Alfred Sargent for Brooks Brothers/Peal & Co., clearance, $180
Tailoring: $80

Total: $315
At retail prices: At least $1500

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4 Responses to Fall is Coming

  1. Emily O. says:


  2. Agreed! Very sharp, especially those shoes.

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  3. Logan says:

    We really need to get you to cut open your suit jacket pockets and stuff those silly flaps in.
    That said, you are amazingly consistent with your suit fit. Bravo, I could look at you in a different suit every day if possible, you wear them remarkably well.

  4. Corey says:

    Very smart suede shoes! I like your thinking…spend the money where it counts (a great pair of shoes) and save on things that are a bit easier to come by…second hand suits, and/or sale items.

    I have been wanting some suede wingtips for the Fall to wear with my corduroys and my woolen trousers.

    Do you have any suggestions on brands, etc.?

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