Many American clothing and shoe manufacturers that were once top-quality are either out of business now, or the product they make today is worthless junk.  But if you know what to look for, older examples of their products turn up at thrift stores fairly often and can save you big bucks over buying new items.

These Florsheim shoes cost about $6 at a local thrift store, but they’re higher quality than almost anything made by US shoe companies today.


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2 Responses to Days gone by…

  1. Herbert Rogers says:

    Speaking of DaysGoneBy..Just picked-up a pair of Churches-“Whipflex” (dark?) Mahogany laced bucks for 3.98 in Tulsa.
    Inside reads Baber’s, Oxford Street, London.
    Nice Shape..although, the tips of the toes are beginning to smooth just a little. A little Lexol/Murphys Oil Soap Combo w/water…and I’m good-to-go.
    (Babers closed their doors in 1961).

  2. Herbert Rogers says:

    p.s. About 5 years ago..CNN News released a (partial) list of U.S. Companies-moving some of (their) operations overseas.
    Believe it or not..AllenEdmonds was on that list. Not long afterwards, I just happened onto a AE Trunk Showing here in Tulsa…mentioned my discovery to one of their Reps, etc.
    There was no comment/response.

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