Let’s face it, tailored clothing is not usually the most comfortable way to dress.  Jackets, buttoned-up collars, ties, leather-soled shoes – all can be constrictive and are certainly less comfortable than sweats and athletic shoes.  Sometimes comfort is sacrificed to look presentable.

But there are exceptions.  This outfit is one of the most comfortable I’ve worn.  I was in it all day and felt perfectly relaxed and at ease, with no urge to change out of it as soon as I got home from work.  A jacket made of soft wool with soft construction, a soft cotton shirt, cotton knit tie, cotton chinos, and unlined flex-welt shoes all combine for an outfit that’s as comfortable as anything this side of pajamas.





















































Jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren, consignment store, $80
Shirt: Lands End, thrifted, $3
Tie: Nautica, discount store, $10
Chinos: Brooks Brothers, sale, $50
Belt: Cole Haan, gift, $0
Shoes: Alden flex-welt snuff suede penny loafers, traded for, $0
Tailoring: $48

Total: $191
If I’d paid retail prices:  $2000 or more

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