Today was sort of an experiment in dressing colorfully.  One that I don’t intend to repeat, at least not to this level.

Jacket: Southwick, thrifted, $6
Pants: Eddie Bauer, store clearance, $15
Shirt: Lyle & Scott, discount store, $10
Tie: Brooks Brothers, outlet clearance, $15
Collar pin: J. Press, $20
Pocket square: Stein Mart, $10
Shoes: Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. (made by Crockett & Jones), store 60% discount, $190
Tailoring cost: $20
Total: $286
If I’d bought everything at retail: At least $1200.
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4 Responses to Colorful Friday

  1. Sylvia says:

    I absolutely love this! Great job. I quoted your site as inspiration for my 1930’s gentleman post. I also included a link to your page.

  2. David T. Koyzis says:

    Ah, you obviously missed the 1970s. 🙂

  3. mr. d says:

    don’t be so fast to disregard this. yes, it is a little too much, but the tie/shirt/jacket/square combo is PRIME. Switch out the red chinos for some classic khaki and the yellow shoe laces for some red to tie the color theme and you’re golden. Honestly, the upper section is pure genius, congrats.

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