I’ve been on vacation this week, but I’m popping in today with a look that’s an example of traditional American style–sometimes referred to as preppy, Ivy League, ¬†or Trad.

Blazer: Vintage Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $12

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, outlet sale, $25

Tie: J. Press, thrifted, $3

Khakis: Brooks Brothers, seconhand online, $25

Socks: Target, $2.50

Shoes: Vintage Nettleton, Ebay, $100

Total: $157.50

If I’d bought everything at retail price: Close to $1500.

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4 Responses to Classic American Style

  1. ryan says:

    i’m glad i’m not the only one who has an affinity for target socks.

    • KM1 says:

      Anyone, help!

      I have to dress my 23-yr.old boy for
      a big wedding. I’d get him in a
      fine suit, but he’d look 60 years old.
      Looks better in the cleancut way –
      no tattoos or piercings. As is typical
      for that age, he is very large in the chest but only about 5’8″. If anyone has the time, does that Banana Republic three-button woolen suit work? The budget’s about five-six hundred.


      • Jeff says:

        At that budget, for a new suit, Banana Republic is probably an ok choice for a suit. Their suits tend to be slimmer cut, which would be good for his odds of finding something that fits in the chest but isn’t too big in the waist.

        Another option is to look in your local department store for “athletic fit” suits. These have a larger “drop” or chest-to-waist difference.

        For a wedding, solid gray or navy would be the best options.

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