Nothing like a brightly colored jacket to brighten up a dull, dreary, rainy day.  As we’ve discussed before, when you have one especially bold item in your outfit, tone down the rest so everything isn’t screaming together.

And by the way, this jacket in the English tradition is perhaps the opposite of the natural shoulder I discussed yesterday.  In thrifting as in life, beggars can’t be choosers.

Jacket: Daks, thrifted, $20
Pants: Polo Ralph Lauren, outlet, $40
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5
Tie: BG&C, clearance, $10
Shoes: Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers, clearance, $180

Total: $255
If I’d paid retail prices:  Around $1750

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3 Responses to Bright Colors, Dim Day

  1. Ryan says:

    That is a niiice jacket!

  2. Logan says:

    If there was a single post to illustrate what an unrepentant dandy you were, this would be the one. My goodness, that is an impeccable jacket.

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