The most common comment I get when wearing a bow tie is “Wow, you really pull that off well, but I never could.”  What those men don’t realize is that 90% of “pulling off” a slightly unusual item is just to wear it.  Put it on, coordinate it with the rest of your outfit, and then forget about it.  Don’t be self-conscious, and act like it’s a perfectly normal part of your wardrobe.  You’ll pull it off just fine.

Suit: Kingsridge, thrifted, $20

Shirt: Jos. A. Bank, clearance, $20

Bow tie: Jos. A. Bank, gift, $0

Socks: Daniel Cremieux for Dillards, clearance, $5

Shoes: Johnston & Murphy Aristocraft, thrifted, $15

Tailoring: $10

Total: $70

If I’d paid retail prices: At least $1000

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6 Responses to Bow Ties and Suits

  1. Frank says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m suited, buttoned-up, and bow tied daily. Have been since the beginning of high school. One thing to add is that getting your shirts drycleaned, starched (heavily for me) and pressed adds to the overall look and helps to look crisp.

    • Jeff says:

      Frank, I’m not personally a fan of starch and like to launder my shirts at home, but I agree that a well-pressed shirt is key to looking good!

      • Corey says:

        I agree with Jeff on the starch. I generally like a crisp collar and cuffs so I starch medium to heavy on those parts of the shirt. But the body and arms I generally leave un-starched, pressed-only. Too much starch, however, weakens the fabric and can make it brittle, causing the shirt to wear sooner due to stress from the starch.

        I, too, wear bow ties. It’s great and it really makes a statement…especially when most men sport the standard cravat.

        In closing, Jeff those shoes are great. It ALWAYS amazes me at what can be found at the thrift store! Johnston & Murphy’s for a scant $15 is unbelievable!

  2. Steven says:

    Great fit esp on the shoulders. I like the socks.

  3. Dovid says:

    I have heard that if the jacket exposes a lot of shirtfront, you should not wear a bowtie. There is supposedly some rule of thumb about how many shirt buttons are exposed as a guide to when to wear a bowtie.

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