In this era when most men seldom wear suits, there is a distinct fear of bold patterns in suiting fabrics.  After all, bold patterns are normally not appropriate for business attire, and who wears a suit outside the office these days?  But the boldly patterned suit can still have a place in a well-dressed man’s wardrobe, after he has a solid rotation of conservative ones.  In general, if the suit is striking enough to be really noticeable, it should be paired with relatively plain shirts, ties, and pocket squares.

For those of you who are interested, I got this suit in trade for the Oxxford that in a previous post I mentioned was too short and would be retired.

Suit: Domenico Spano for Saks Fifth Avenue, acquired by trade

Shirt: Gitman Bros., gift, $0

Tie: BG&C, clearance, $15

Shoes: Vintage Florsheims, thrifted, $8

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