Vintage Tweed

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Fall is my favorite time of year. Fall clothes are my favorite kind of clothes. And a great tweed jacket may be my favorite of all.

Jacket: Vintage tweed, unknown maker, thrifted
Shirt: Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece, thrifted
Trousers: Brooks Brothers, outlet clearance
Tie: J. Press, thrifted
Pocket square: Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Shoes: Alfred Sargent for Brooks Brothers, clearance

Total cost: $224
If I’d paid retail: $1800 or more

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Italian Luxe

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I came across this gorgeous sport coat in a consignment store a couple weeks ago. Made by Isaia, one of the top makers of luxury Italian tailoring. Normally retails for $2000 or more. (Available on Ebay here, if anyone’s interested).


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Back again…for now

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Hi, friends. Sorry for not posting in a very long time. I hope to remedy that and post somewhat more frequently, going forward, but I won’t make any promises. Life has a way of getting busy. Speaking of which, since the last time I posted, I now have another little gent to outfit in a thrifty manner.

Him: all Carters; outlet sale.

Jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, sale
Tie: Unknown maker, thrifted
Vest: Stafford Prep, thrifted
Pants: Brooks Brothers, sale
Shoes: Alfred Sargent for Brooks Brothers, clearance
Total cost: about 10% of retail


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That sweet, sweet rush

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Thrifting never gets old – the rush when you find something good is amazing. Here’s one from a few weeks ago – that’s a $4000+ made-to-measure suit!


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Here’s a neat recent thrift find: A pair of never-worn Florsheim Royal Imperial “longwing” wingtips in what Florsheim called “black cashmere calf” pebble grain leather. Royal Imperials were Florsheim’s top-of-the-line shoes, with five nails in the ball of the foot for stability, 64 nails and a V-cleat in the heel for long life, and faux wood-grain finish on the soles just because it showed they cared. Big wingtips like this are often referred to as “gunboats” because they’re big, heavy, and indestructible.

These are likely from the 1960s or 70s.


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Jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren, trade, $0
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, sale, $40
Tie: Chipp, gift, $0
Pants: Express, thrifted, $10
Shoes: Alfred Sargent for Brooks Brothers, $175
Total: $225

At retail prices: $1300 or more

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Double Breasted

Posted on by Jeff

Blazer: Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted, $13
Shirt: Luciano Barbera, thrifted, $5
Tie: Brooks Brothers, discount, $25
Pants: Brooks Brothers, sale, $50
Shoes: Alfred Sargent for Brooks Brothers, $175
Total: $278

If I’d paid retail prices: As much as $1500

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Shopping the Thrifty Gent, Part 4

Posted on by Jeff

I have several nice items up for sale on Ebay right now, including shell cordovan and alligator shoes, tweed jackets, and high-end dress shirts! There’s more to come, too – I’ve got lots more tweed jackets, dress pants, and ties to list in the coming days and weeks.  I’ll give a 10% discount to readers of my blog; just make me an offer and mention in the comments box that you’re a reader.  All proceeds will go to help fund the adoption my wife and I are pursuing.

Check them out: The Thrifty Gent on Ebay

IMG_2938 IMG_2945 IMG_3193 IMG_3217 IMG_3281 IMG_3290 IMG_3385 IMG_3716-001 IMG_3791

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Low Contrast

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Sometimes low-contrast outfits can be challenging.  When the elements don’t contrast much, sometimes they clash instead of blending well, and sometimes the overall effect can be somewhat boring.  I think this one works fairly well, though – what do you think? The slightly darker tie, shoes, and hat hopefully provide just enough contrast to liven up the low contrast of the jacket, shirt, and pants.

9-9-13 1 9-9-13 2 9-9-13 3


Jacket: Jos. A. Bank, thrifted, $8
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, sale, $40
Tie; Brooks Brothers, outlet, $10
Pocket Square: thrifted, $5
Pants: Brooks Brothers, sale, $70
Shoes: Brooks Brothers, clearance, $160
Hat: Dobbs, clearance, $60

Total: $353
At retail prices: $1600 or more

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Hello, Professor

Posted on by Jeff

9-5-13 1 9-5-13 2 9-5-13 3


Blazer: Schupp & Snyder, thrifted, $12
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $5
Tie: Some old store brand, trade, $0
Pants: Brooks Brothers, store sale, $70
Shoes: Brooks Brothers, clearance, $180

Total: $267
If I’d paid retail prices: At least $1700

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