Most of the stuff I buy, for myself or to sell on Ebay, is modern clothing, made in the last couple of decades.  But occasionally I come across an amazing vintage piece that I just can’t pass up.  Even if you’re not in the market to buy a vintage suit, you should click through to my auction to see this impressive piece of history – a Hickey Freeman suit sold November 15, 1941, just three weeks before Pearl Harbor.

Vintage Hickey Freeman Suit on Ebay

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2 Responses to Amazing Vintage

  1. Benn says:

    Regarding your Ebay post, which is amazing by the way, you mentioned that the length is btw/ a short and a regular. Where do you think a guy my size falls on that spectrum at just over 5’7″ all my jackets are shorts, and come in at about 29.5 and 29.75, and I was wondering if a jacket 30 inches long would look weird.

    • Jeff says:

      Benn, I think a 30″ jacket would work fine on you. Half an inch or less difference on a jacket isn’t that noticeable.

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