Most of the time you alter the suit to fit your body, but sometimes it happens the other way around.  I thrifted this suit a few months ago, but when I tried it on it was too snug and I put it aside to be altered when I could get to the tailor.  I pulled it out last week, though, and found that since I’ve lost a few pounds, it fits perfectly now.  Sometimes life just works out like that.













































Suit: Southwick, thrifted, $8
Shirt: Robert Talbott, thrifted, $5
Tie: Brooks Brothers, discount store, $10
Pocket square:, gift, $0
Shoes; Nettleton, Ebay, $100

Total: $123
If I’d paid retail prices: $1600 or more

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6 Responses to Alterations

  1. Joshua Mimbs says:

    Where did you find your suit?

  2. Unabomber says:

    I followed your lead 3 weekends ago and visited 6 thrift stores in VA Beach. Found about five ratty Brooks Brothers and the rest was from the Johnny Carson line. Apparently my area stinks. Having much better luck on eBay though I’m paying slightly more. Scored a $2k Zegna last week for $35 shipped. Thanks for the encouragement and advice with your site!

    • Jeff says:

      Well, I was under the impression you were incarcerated, but one learns something new every day. Please don’t send me any packages.

  3. Melissa ford says:

    What tailor do you use Jeff? Tc has several counts that need to be tailored down and I just can’t bring myself to spend over 90 for one coat to be tailored that’s more than we paid for the jacket! We would love you input.

    • Jeff says:

      Melissa, for anything beyond sleeves and pants I use British Custom Tailor on Brownsboro Rd. It’s not the cheapest around, but they do good work. You ultimately need to decide whether the quality of the clothes is high enough to invest the money in tailoring, or just give up on them and keep an eye out for stuff that fits better from the get-go. I recently spent $80 to have the chest and waist let out on a jacket and the waist on the pants, but it was on a $1000+ suit I’d thrifted that I knew was worth the money and would last me a long time.

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