Consignment stores occupy sort of a middle ground between thrift stores and retail stores in the value hierarchy.  They’re generally cleaner and better organized than thrift stores, often with an overall higher quality of merchandise.  But the prices are higher, too.  So you have to be a little more conservative in your shopping–I normally only buy things for myself at consignment stores, because the prices make potential reselling profits very slim.  However, once in a while a deal is too good to pass up.  I found this Ralph Lauren Purple Label jacket at a local consignment shop for about $60, which is about three times as much as I’d ever pay at a thrift store.  But I knew for sure that, given the demand for RLPL clothing, I could resell it for at least twice that, so I pulled the trigger.

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  1. AlanC says:

    Yes, I picked up an RLPL suit for myself from consignment, paying about 3x (or at least twice) what I would pay at thrift. It ended up not working for me (shoulder was off), so I sold it for ~7x what I paid. RLPL generally is gold.

    Your sportcoat is great.

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